Stella Rosa’s Low-Calorie Wine for Women

It sucks when you are trying to shed a few pounds or detoxing, and you realize that your favorite alcoholic drink is among the foods you need to avoid. As for losing weight, you don’t need it since it doesn’t add to your daily nutrients and vitamins intake. Whether you are keeping a check on your weight or not, doctors will advise moderating your alcohol intake as its related to several chronic diseases. However, there is one alcoholic drink that defies this notion. That’s none other than Wine!

Wine is beneficial to your health and helps you avoid these diseases. Red wine consists of an antioxidant called resveratrol, which helps to prevent several diseases, including heart-related complications and cancer. Therefore all is not lost, and you can have that favorite bottle of wine while still maintaining your figure.

Stella Rosa is rapidly gaining popularity as the best wine for women and with 5.5 % alcohol content in its sparkling red Italian wine. It is a perfect choice for rookies who are new in the wine tasting field. For those of you who are seriously watching your calories, these low-calorie wines from Stella Rosa will do the trick. Don’t worry; they are just as good as their counterparts.

Stella Rosa Pink – $5 for 8.5 oz can, Calories per glass: 68

Imported by Riboli Family Wines Estates, this is an award-winning selection of semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Italian wines that are available in 16 distinctive flavors. You can get it in 750ml, 187ml, 1.5L, and 8.5oz aluminum bottles. The bottle is beautiful and stylish, just like grown sexy soda but with a refreshing, pleasant flavor of sparkling wine. Besides the light and portable perks, Stella Rosa Aluminium has almost the same amount of calories found in a cup of grapes with several different flavors. The flavors include Black, Platinum, Pink, and the latest, Sparkling Rose. This unique wine for women gives flavors of strawberry and rose petals. The wine is stimulating on its own or in a cocktail. If you are ever at the bar, just call for rosé on the rocks!

Stella Rosa Rosso–  $5 for 6.3 oz can, Calories per glass: 55

Stella Rosa Rosso is a refreshing red wine to be served chilled with fresh fruit and cheese as accompaniments. It is a fruity flavored sweet wine perfect for those who are just dipping their feet to taste the waters. It is a low-calorie wine with an alcohol content of 5.5%; you may have a bottle or two to quench your thirst on a relaxing night. Compared to other reds, its color is a little light. You can cool down the summer heat by ordering a chilled bottle of Stella Rosa’s sweet light red wine. With flavors of strawberry and red berries, Stella Rosa Rosso pairs well with spicy foods or cheesecake with berries. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding ceremony, or homecoming, a bottle of Stella Rosa Rosso will help you rejuvenate the occasion.

Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato $14.20 For 25.4 Oz Bottle, Calories Per Glass: 120

This beautiful sparkling white wine from Northwestern Italy has an approachable sweetness with a light effervescence. It’s a superior quality of Moscato wines with concentrated flavors of peach apricot coupled with pear, peach, and wildflower aromas. The alcohol content of this wine is also low, making it perfect for those watching their calorie intake. The semi-sweet sparkling Moscato Imperiale matches with cheese plates, fresh fruit, light salads, and fish. If you are having a social gathering, this wine is perfect for filling your glasses.

Stella Rosa Rosé – $11.35 for 25.4 oz bottle, Calories per glass: 126

A proprietary blend of red grapes varietals like Brachetto, Stella Rosa Rosé is combined with natural flavors of an off-dry Rosé and berry flavors. It has a pink coral color and aromas of fruit punch soda flavors and bubblegum exhibiting notes of watermelon. It has a moderate sweetness, and you can enjoy it on its own. This is the type of beverage that anyone would appreciate to complete a meal or unwind with after a busy, exhausting day. The world is full of challenges, and a sip of good old wine can make everything great and awesome, and that too without putting on extra kilos…lol.

Stella Gold – $11.35 For 25.4 Oz Bottle, Calories Per Glass: 170

Pour a glass of delicious low calorie, low alcohol Stella Rosa Gold, refreshing white wine with peach and honey flavors. Its archetype when it comes to wine and women and also perfect for any occasion. With its fruity attributes, it maintains a delicate balance between tart and sweetness. It has a rejuvenating effect due to its sparkling element that seems to call on anyone to pick it.  It pairs perfectly with spicy cuisine or desserts.

Stella Rosa Red Apple – $8.50 For 25.4 Oz Bottle, Calories Per Glass: 160

You need Stella Rosa Red Apple if you wish to please every palate at the table. Infused with natural flavors of ripe red apple, Stella Rosa Red Apple is a full-bodied, vibrant, and seductive white wine, perfect for those weight conscious girls. It’s an ideal semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that is celebrated by both entry levels and gurus. It is a creation of The Riboli Family made from several blends of aromatic grape varietals like Moscato Canelli. Stellabrate life with your friends and enjoy sipping Stella Rosa Red Apple.

Stella Rosa Tropical Mango – $8.50 For 25.4 Oz Bottle, Calories Per Glass: 160

The delicious and refreshing Stella Rosa Tropical Mango is a blend from Northern Italy, Piedmont region, to be specific. It gives you that vacation feels from its fruity flavors of ripe mango and exotic passion fruit. Being a low-calorie drink, it’s semi-sweet with mango and citrus aromas. This tantalizing flavors and aromas make Stella Rosa Tropical mango a perfect beverage to share with friends and loved ones. You won’t just fall for its semi-sweet taste but also its intoxicating smooth taste.

Final Words

So, with these exhilarating drinks at your disposal, you can relish every sip of your wine. While considering losing weight, its crucial to spread your drinks out over time and not all at once. Make a vow to yourself or any friend who’s part of your goals to have one glass per hour. This gives your body sufficient time to process the alcohol hence preventing you from entering the phase of self-consciousness.

So the golden rule is…Drink in Moderation, Enjoy your Wine and Rock your Resolutions…!!