9 Reasons to be Thankful for Sweet Wine

Sweet Sparkling Wine
  1. Sweet Wine is the one thing you and your dysfunctional family can agree on – it’s the best wine to serve at all your family gatherings and reunions.
  2. It’s also the one thing you and your friends can agree on. Getting together? Someone will always bring the Sweet Wine.
  3. It has gotten you through your heartbreaks and trying times.
  4. It’s made an honest man out of your husband or boyfriend. When he knows you had a rough day, he will have Sweet Wine ready for you when you get home.
  5. It’s accessible and affordable; 3 Bottles of Sweet Wine shipped 4 times a year for only $49.99.
  6. It’s your “beer” when your man and his friends are all drinking brews.
  7. It makes you happier than most other material things in life.
  8. Sweet wine is a lighthearted wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s completely normal and acceptable to enjoy a glass of one of our Sweet Wine with weekend brunch and for a night out.
  9. It is absolutely, perfectly delicious.