best wines of 2019

Top Sweet Wines of 2019

Make 2019 your best and sweetest year with the finest wines Stella Rosa has to offer. Above all, if you are a wine enthusiast you know how it feels to go on an adventure from an explosion of different tastes on your palate.

Stella Rosa has outdone herself by providing award-winning sweet wines that will have you savoring every sip. Are you having a celebration and don’t have the perfect gift in mind? Why not gift a box from the Sweet Wine Club? This special gift box includes Stella Rosa wines, hand-crafted wines from the San Antonio Winery, recipe cards, and extra sweet goodies!

Top Sweet Wines of 2019

  • Fresca Frizzanterefreshing and sparkling; this unique wine features a unique blend of Italian sparkling wine and natural fruit juices. Ripe white peaches and blood oranges make-up Fresca’s taste palate with a touch of bubbles. The crisp flavor with a citrus twist will leave your mouth indulging in a heavenly taste. This gluten-free white wine is the perfect gem to include as a gift.
  • Stella Rosa Rosso – the timeless original Stella is the best choice if you want to go old school and reminisce of the olden ages. This perfect blend of sparkling red wine and semi-sweet taste of strawberry or red berry is timeless. The 750 ml bottle will help you relax after a long tiresome week or unwind and share with loved ones over dinner.
  • Stella Rosa Peach – forever a summer favorite Stella Rosa Peach will leave your mouth tingling for more. The refreshing semi-sparkling, semi-sweet wine will keep your days fun and full of flavor. It’s flavored with white peach and honey that defines what a delicious white wine should be. Stella Rosa Peach’s ingredients give it 91 points, a gold medal, and the best buy from
  • San Antonio Cardinale – Enjoy the culminating taste of the San Antonio Cardinale red grape wine. This classic bottle goes back to the late twenties and early thirties featuring a proprietary blend by the Riboli family. Additionally, Cardinale is a great vintage wine that will take you on an adventure during dinner. Let your taste buds be the judge because San Antonio Cardinale has a gold medal on its neck.
  • Maddalena Riesling – Greet your mouth with the sensational Maddalena Riesling which reveals aromas of apricot, honey, and wildflowers. This elegant wine is a perfect blend of green apple and pear; providing a wonderful balance of acidity and sweetness.

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