What Type of Wine Drinker Are You?

Wine is a classic drink that tends to make people develop certain drinking habits. These habits can be categorized into several types of wine drinkers. After all,  It’s all about taste and preference, and one man’s bread is another’s garbage. Not everyone will prefer one kind of wine, and we have to respect that. I have been in the wine field for a long time, have observed these wine-drinking behaviors.

So, in this post, I have outlined the different types of wine drinkers. Read to find out where you belong as a wine drinker.

The “Visitor” Wine Drinker

This drinker has little knowledge of wine, and they are frank enough to admit it. They are just starting out and are looking for guidance. They will tell what they like, ask what you have, and also seek for guidance on their pick. This drinker is straightforward and easy to get along with and won’t give you any problems. You may suggest some sweet wines first and later introduce them to Pinot Noir from Stella Rosa Wineries which is the best red wine for beginners. This group will later develop their own signature wine as they go on.

The “Sweet tooth” Wine Drinker

Being a beginner, this drinker has developed a craving for sweet wines. They find red wine to be too dry for them and would wish to settle for fruity white wine, which is the best wine for people who don’t like wine. Usually, they start with that for now and maybe, later on, move to red wine. Their safe zone is the dessert wine or sweet Rieslings. For now, let them enjoy what they want and introduce them to off-dry Rieslings in the future. Have patience with them as they will soon get bored and try something else. This group is also easy to handle.

The Exclusionary Wine Drinker

Perhaps one of the most interesting groups is the exclusionary wine drinker who will ask for any bottles of wine but mentions exclusively not to include certain wines. “I will have anything but not red dry wine”.  Maybe, they had a bad experience with that bottle in the past and don’t want to go through it again. The best thing to do is to respect their wishes and exclude that bottle or those bottles of wine. Another reason may be from stereotype thinking and wired profiling of wine. Either way, the customer is always right, so serve them what they want.

The “Strictly that or no wine” Wine Drinkers

I wouldn’t want to handle this group because they can really frustrate me (lol..no offense if you fall into this group). They are very peculiar and their order always starts with “I will have nothing but…….” They are very strict and specific to what they want. When handling this kind, be very careful and don’t suggest anything or LOL! You’ll be in for a rude shock. Trust me, I tried once and was crashed by “What part of I will have nothing but red wine didn’t you understand?” Dude, I was really pissed but had to swallow it.

This drinker is very well informed with wine matters and has developed a certain craving for a particular wine. Normally, they normally ask for oaky red wine and rarely for white wines. They have a strong belief that certain wines are superior to others. Considering themselves as a brilliant scientist with a signature type of clothing, they can be identified wherever they go.

The Fungal Wine Drinker

The Fungal Wine Drinker is straightforward and is easy to get along with. You don’t need to try very had to impress them. They will ask for any bottle that costs less than $20 and nothing more. I know recession hit us pretty bad, but LoL!! No need to be stingy with a bottle of wine that can make you forget all your troubles. Obviously, you won’t miss any bottle that has this price bracket. This group is my favorite and once in a while, I will suggest different wines and see their reaction.

The “Open for anything” Wine Drinker

There are also those free-spirited wine drinkers who don’t have an issue with any bottle of wine as long as it’s a good wine. Price also no consideration. So, be will be glad to serve them anytime. They will explain to what’s on their mind and later ask for your suggestion. Suggest something new and see their response.

Final Remarks

Wine is a classic beverage appreciated by many people worldwide. It goes well with good food and good company. One can have wine with family during dinner or friends on a cold evening. If you are falling short of friends, subscribe at sweetwineclub.com to be a member of people drinking wine. Now after this detailed distinction, it’s clear where you fall as a wine drinker, so remember to consume wine responsibly.