Best Stories Happen Over a Glass of Wine

Woman relaxing, reading a book and having a glass of wine in the hand.

Wine and reading may just be your next favorite afternoon activity! Stella Rosa wines are not only the perfect treat to a summer day, but is the best form of self-care. There is nothing like curling up with a good book that makes you feel extra special inside.

Stella Rosa Gold will make your taste buds come alive, maybe just as much as the characters in your book. Become immersed in its fruity effervescence with every sip. This sparkling white wine will be sure to add a unique experience as you embark on your reading journey.

Be sure to chill your wine before getting snuggly, so you get the most out of the flavors and can truly enjoy how refreshing this wine is on a warm day. Taste between the lines and you’ll find yourself captivated by the Italian grapes found only in Stella Rosa wines.

The stories you read might be just as vivacious as what you find in your glass because Stella Rosa wines never disappoint.