Introducing Our Personality Wine Quiz: Discover Your Perfect Pour

Three girls on the couch laughing while drinking Stella Rosa Blueberry

Introducing Our Personality Wine Quiz: Discover Your Perfect Pour

Are you a bold Red or a crisp refreshing white wine drinker? Do you lean towards the fruity notes of a Rosé or prefer the complexity of our Spicy Series? Your wine preferences can reveal more about your personality than you might think. Take our fun and interactive wine personality quiz to uncover your perfect pour and learn a little more about yourself along the way.

Question 1: How do you typically spend your ideal Friday evening?
a) Hosting a dinner party with friends
b) Curling up with a good book or movie
c) Exploring a new city or trying out a new restaurant
d) Enjoying a quiet night in with a glass of wine and some music

Question 2: What is your go-to dessert?
a) Decadent chocolate cake
b) Fresh fruit salad
c) Crème brûlée
d) A cheese platter with assorted nuts and dried fruits

Question 3: How do you handle stressful situations?
a) I tackle them head-on and find solutions quickly.
b) I take a step back and focus on deep breathing or meditation.
c) I distract myself with activities or hobbies to take my mind off things.
d) I talk it out with a close friend or family member over a glass of wine.

Question 4: What type of vacation appeals to you the most?
a) A wine tour through the picturesque countryside
b) A relaxing beach getaway
c) Exploring vibrant cities and immersing myself in the local culture
d) A wine tour through the picturesque countryside

Question 5: How would you describe your fashion style?
a) Bold and a statement
b) Casual and comfortable
c) Trendy and eclectic
d) Timeless and sophisticated

Now, tally up your answers to discover your wine personality:

Mostly A’s: You’re a Spicy One!
You’re confident, assertive, and always the life of the party. Just like a spicy wine, you make a statement wherever you go. Your perfect pour: Pineapple & Chili or Mango & Chili.

Mostly B’s: You’re a Crisp White
You’re calm, collected, and have a refreshing outlook on life. Like a crisp white wine, you bring lightness and clarity to every situation. Your perfect pour: Organic Orange Fusion or Platinum French Vanilla.

Mostly C’s: You’re a Fruity Rosé
You’re fun-loving, adventurous, and never afraid to try something new. Like a fruity Rosé, you bring a burst of flavor and excitement wherever you go. Your perfect pour: Strawberry Rose or Stella Pink.

Mostly D’s: You’re a Complex Red
You’re thoughtful, introspective, and appreciate the finer things in life. Just like our red wine, you have layers of depth and complexity waiting to be discovered. Your perfect pour: Stella Rosa Red or Rosso Red Berry.

No matter what your wine personality may be, there’s a perfect bottle waiting to be poured and enjoyed. So, raise a glass to discover your perfect pour and toast the unique qualities that make you who you are. Cheers!