Refreshing White Wines for Summer Sipping

Nothing beats relaxing by the pool with a cool glass of sparkling white wine to revitalize your senses and match the season’s vivid summer flavors. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect companion to splash into summer with at your next pool party, outdoor BBQ, or picnic in the park, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer white wines to cool down from the summer heat and add a splash of crispness to your season. 

Let’s dive in!

  1. Stella Rosa® Pineapple and Chili

Looking to spice up your summer? Let Stella Rosa’s Pineapple and Chili do the talking. Its semi-sweet taste is a complete fan favorite, bound to make you fall in love with its sweet citrus sip and its bold hint of chili spice aftertaste. 

This easy-sipping semi-sweet wine is the perfect companion for your next BBQ or girl’s trip to the lake, as it packs a powerful punch with the sweetest aftertaste.

If you’re ready to add some heat to your summer, let the Stella Rosa Pineapple and Chili lead the way. 

  1. San Antonio® Specialty, Villadoro Moscato

With its natural peach and honey flavors, expect to fall in love with the San Antonio Specialty, Villadoro Moscato. Its golden straw colour mirrors the summer sunshine, ready to whisk you away to a world filled with the sweet aroma of honeycomb and wildflowers. 

Made from Muscat grapes, the natural honey and peach flavors are extracted from the grapes themselves, to produce the most delicious and sweet taste from sip to swallow. 

For romantic nights in or a summer celebration under the stars, add the San Antonio Specialty, Villadoro Moscato to your plans to bring some sweetness to your special night. 

  1. Stella Rosa® Tropical Mango

Are you getting ready to toast to summer vacation? Fill your glass with the delicious and irresistible taste of the Stella Rosa Tropical Mango, and let the vacation vibes begin! 

This semi-sweet white wine is combined with hints of ripe mango and exotic passion fruit, to create its rich and tangy taste. From pour to sip, this fruity white wine will transport you to sun-soaked beaches and swaying palm trees (even before your vacation begins!). 

Step into summer with the Stella Rosa Tropical Mango by your side, and summer will feel never-ending in the best way possible. 

  1. San Antonio® Fruit Farm Pineapple Papaya

The San Antonio Fruit Farm Pineapple Papaya is a one-of-a-kind sparkling white wine bound to capture your attention (and your heart) all summer long. 

With its harmonious fusion of juicy pineapple and tangy papaya, its luscious taste features hints of sunny beaches and refreshing ocean breezes with each sip. It is essentially paradise in a glass! 

Beat the summer heat with a glass of San Antonio Fruit Farm Pineapple Papaya, and make it your signature staple all season long. 

  1. Stella Rosa® Bianco

Opting for something a little more subtle, yet still on the fruity and tangy side? Let the Stella Rosa Bianco semi-sweet white wine guide your taste buds this summer. 

This bottle is our absolute favorite option for summer, as it has a light and refreshing taste that is irresistible to all.  

With hints of yellow peach and honey infused within its refreshing taste, the Stella Rosa Bianco is ready to accompany you at your next poolside party or beach adventure. 

Where do you plan on taking it? 

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