Top 8 Non-Alcoholic Wines and Low Alcohol Wines for 2020

Hey guys, wondering what to give to your friends who don’t consume alcohol? Well, we have a solution for you. We will enlighten you with some fantastic non-alcoholicwine alternatives for those who don’t want a pint. Non-alcoholic wine substitutes are becoming increasingly popular as the alcohol-free movement gears up speed. And their demand has skyrocketed.

Even as you opt for the best non-alcoholic wines, be warned that they will never equal their counterparts. Despite their quality and taste differences, you will pleasantly get surprised with what you will experience.  And as they lack complexity, we found that those with 0.5 percent alcohol tend to taste a little closer to the real deal. So, if you don’t mind a little alco-drink, give this a shot. And if you don’t mind going a little higher (let’s say approx. 9%), you will love our selection of naturally low alcohol below. And also find out if “less is more,” as they say

How Non-Alcoholic Wine Differs from Juice

Oh, you must be super curious to know what’s the craze with this non-alcoholic thing. What does it mean anyway? Could it have the same swag as the real wines? Or is it just grape juice? Honestly, it would be good to get the answers. Right? Now, let’s dive inside and be enlightened:

  • Most people have this question; is wine without alcohol the same as dealcoholized or alcohol-free beverages? Yes. And you are likely to hear these interchangeable terms. They are all wine-like beverages containing 0.0% alcohol, after removing it from the final processing. Maybe you might not be aware, but non-alcoholic wine is processed from the same fermentation process that makes alcoholic wine. The only difference is that they remove alcohol at the last stage. That procedure leaves the wine less sugary, unlike the grape juice.
  • The two ways that winemakers use to remove alcohol in the final process are; distillation and filtration.

Soft beverages like juices and sparkling water might be just okay. But if you are looking for some little thrill, you can try the various alcohol-free wine alternatives such as champagnes and light rose wine. It could be an ideal non-alcoholic party punch.

So, relax, and grab your wine glass. And before you start wondering where to buy non-alcoholic wine, first get ready to taste our top eight alcohol-free to low alcohol wines. There’s something for everyone. All are coming in different flavors and tastes that you will genuinely enjoy.

Wine enthusiasts know Stella Rosa as a top-seller brand that is one of the country’s imports. It’s a brand that comes with 22 different flavors. Their alcohol-free wine variety includes Black, Red, Peach, and Rose. All crafted with the same incredible taste of Stella Rosa. The Stella Rosa Naturals is a slightly fizzy, but tastes like the original, with 0.3% ABV. The black is a must-try that comes with a fruity flavor. It can be your cocktail/mocktail that you can try on ice or chilled. And it’s perfect for all occasions, any time of the day. As Thanksgiving is around the corner, the Stella Rosa Naturals is ideal for fall drinks non-alcoholic.


Anytime you think of a glass of chardonnay, but you want to show you are a responsible drinker, Fre is your best bet. You will love the lively tropical fruit aroma and experience a rich, creamy apple flavor. It mingles with a crisp citrus note on the palate, which leads to a pleasant tart finish. Fre non-alcoholic wine comes in a wide variety that includes the award-winner, Merlot, and the premium Red varietals. Try pairing it with seafood, or roasted veal, creamy pasta, mild cheese, or salads.


Ariel is a legendary wine production since 1985 and is recognized around the world by leading wine critics and connoisseurs alike. Here is the Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon, in a chocolatey bottle. It has less than 0.5 ABV and offers some soft tannins with a dry finish taste. Ariel non-alcoholic wine is a berry-bursting California’s wine gift, derived from the Napa Valley vineyards. And it pairs perfectly with Manchego, Texas chili, or any wood-fired pizza.


The Martinelli’s Gold Medal® Sparkling Apple Cider is unmissable in non- alcoholic parties. It has been a legendary non-alcoholic beverage since 1868. And as you sip a glass of this cider, it’s like taking a bite of a fresh apple from the tree. That’s because it’s a product of 100 percent crisp apples grown in the US. They add Vitamin C, which helps to maintain its color. And doesn’t contain water, alcohol, sweeteners, or even chemical preservatives, but has the right amount of bubbles.


Pierre 0% is an appealing package for non-alcoholic lovers who have a class and are looking for something interesting. Pierre Chavin’s free alcoholic wine, Pierre Zéro Sparkling Rosé, consists of 80% Chardonnay and 20% of Merlot grapes. It offers subtle, delicate, and never-ending bubbles. Go for Pierre buy, and you will love the muscat, floral, and fresh fruity aromas of raspberries and currants. And it gives way to this astonishing dew foam softness on the palate. It pairs perfectly with salads and light dishes.


Who said you couldn’t enjoy a glass of chardonnay even if you are off alcohol?  St. Regis offers you an impressive variety of palate-enjoyable dealcoholized wines. This delicious goldish wine evokes refreshing floral and fruity notes of apricot and pear. Made from 100 % chardonnay grapes, it is well-balanced with less than 0.5% ABV. Experience a broad mouthfeel that leads into a medium finish. It is best paired with seafood, white meat, cheese, or summer salads.


St Julian has this fine sparkling white juice made from 100% Niagara grapes. Grab a glass and enjoy the jam-packed taste of fresh aromatic, fruity drink from St Julian winery that will superbly burst into your mouth. Wow, it has an aroma like an autumn stroll through the vineyards. And it’s like smelling the winery, during harvest. Their winery is one of the oldest and largest in the state of Michigan. It’s a great choice for a special occasion or to drink any day.


Gruvi is a beverage company in Denver that produces healthy and trendy alcohol-free prosecco and beers. And one of their favorite drinks is Dry Secco. A semi-dry non-alcoholic drink with floral and tart endnotes. If you are health-conscious, you may want to try their sulfate and gluten-free drink, serving with 0.0% alcohol. It is an excellent complement of charcuterie boards, crispy French fries, and creamy pasta. It can be enjoyed at celebration toasts or early-morning brunch.

Ready to pull the cork!

Unlike before, when there were lesser options of non-alcoholic beverages such as grape juice, today, you will find a myriad of alcohol-free and low-alcohol wines. Thanks to the winemakers, they can still produce a better taste of dealcoholized wine. And that means you get to enjoy your favorites drinks in a Low Wine Alcohol Content or alcohol-free. Whatever your choice, from chardonnay to champagne, Cheers to a good life. If you feel,we missed your favorite, please share it with us.