Why Stella Rosa is a Better For You Wine Choice

In a market flooded with countless wine options, Stella Rosa stands out as a superior choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle. Its key attributes set Stella Rosa apart: low alcohol by volume (ABV), the absence of artificial sugars, and the use of real fruit flavors.

Low ABV for a Balanced Experience

One of the main advantages of Stella Rosa wines is their low alcohol content. With an ABV typically around 5-6%, Stella Rosa offers a balanced, refreshing option compared to traditional wines that often exceed 12% ABV. This lower alcohol content means you can savor a glass (or two) without the heavy effects of higher-alcohol wines, making it perfect for social gatherings, relaxing evenings, or even daytime events.

Non Alcoholic Options
Stella Rosa also launched their Naturals collection, featuring 7 flavors: Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Black, Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Rosé, Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Red, Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Peach, Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cranberry, Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Lemon Lime, Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Tropical Mango. This collection of wines has less than 0.5% ABV, giving more variety to people who prefer a lower ABV, but still love the flavors of Stella Rosa.

No Artificial Sugars

In an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of what they put into their bodies, Stella Rosa’s commitment to excluding artificial sugars is a significant benefit. Many wines on the market rely on added sugars to enhance flavor, but Stella Rosa opts for natural sweetness derived from the grapes themselves. This approach not only provides a more authentic taste but also aligns with a balanced lifestyle, reducing unnecessary calorie intake and avoiding the potential health risks associated with artificial additives.

Real Fruit Flavors

Stella Rosa’s use of real fruit flavors further elevates its appeal. Each variety is crafted meticulously to incorporate genuine fruit essences, resulting in wines that burst with natural, vibrant flavors. Whether it’s the crisp notes of green apple in Stella Rosa Green Apple or the luscious taste of ripe berries in Stella Rosa Black, these authentic fruit flavors offer a delicious, refreshing experience that artificial flavorings simply can’t match.


Stella Rosa wines provide a delightful alternative for wine enthusiasts who prioritize health without compromising on flavor. With their low ABV, commitment to no artificial sugars, and real fruit flavors, Stella Rosa is a better-for-you wine that stands out in the crowded wine market. So next time you’re looking for a wine that’s both delicious and mindful of your well-being, reach for a bottle of Stella Rosa.

Cheers to a sweeter, balanced life!