Sipping into Spring with Rosé

Spring is officially in full bloom, bringing with it all things light, fresh, and delicious! 

While summer pairs perfectly with bubbly and fruity wines, spring weather is the perfect mix between breezy nights and sun-filled days that require the companion of a chilled glass of rosé. 

It’s time to bring out the sundresses and sandals and find a nearby patio ready to serve the best dishes you can later pair with a bottle of your favorite rosé. 

Need a hand when it comes to selecting the perfect bottle to accompany you this spring season? Let’s explore the best bottles of rosé Sweet Wine Club offers, all of which are ready to sip on when you are!

Stella Rosa® Rosé V.S. Prosecco D.O.C.

The Stella Rosa® Rosé V.S Prosecco D.O.C is not your average rosé. Grown in the beautiful sprawling vineyards of the Veneto Region in Italy, Stella Rosa’s Rosé V.S. Prosecco D.O.C features a specially selected blend of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes aged in oak for three months to give it a rich, more elegant flavor. 

The balanced harmony between sweetness and subtly allows the Rosé V.S. Prosecco D.O.C to be a fan-fave when it comes to pairing it with warm weather and sunshine. 

Stella Rosa® Ruby Rosé Grapefruit

Planning on enjoying a fresh grapefruit with breakfast on a sunny patio overlooking the ocean this spring? Stella Rosa’s Ruby Rosé Grapefruit is the perfect companion! 

The light and refreshing flavors that the Ruby Rosé Grapefruit elicits bring forth the most delicious aroma, ready to satisfy your sweet tooth. The bright flavors are even evident in its stunning rose color! Take a peek (or a sip). 

Stella Rosa® Imperiale Brachetto

The Stella Rosa® Imperiale Brachetto is bringing forth all things seductive and smooth this spring. Delicate flavors of red raspberries and rose petals fuse together to create an irresistible taste, perfect to complement your romantic night or celebratory moment. 

You name the spring occasion, and the Imperiale Brachetto will be there ready to celebrate with you. 

Stella Rosa® Berry 

For the spring days when you just want an extra touch of sweetness added, consider adding the Stella Rosa® Berry to your cart. 

The Stella Rosa® Berry is a Moscato-based blend from the Piedmont religion of Italy and features a touch of natural berry flavor ready to turn your next spring picnic into a memorable event you will remember for years to come. 

With just enough bubbles to keep the fun going, the Stella Rosa® Berry is perfectly paired with light meals or as an aperitif. The refreshing taste features a clean finish, bound to quench your thirst after your next spring adventure. 

The 2023 Spring Box

Not entirely sure where to begin your rosé spring journey? We got a box for that! 

Our newest 2023 Spring Box is packed with wines bound to make your spring sipping experience the best one yet. 

This year’s stars are the San Antonio Cardinale®, Stella Rosa® Golden Honey Peach, and Stella Rosa® Imperiale Brachetto d’Acqui.

Order today, and get your box delivered straight to your door. 

Invite Spring into your Embrace with Sweet Wine Club 

For all of the springtime festivities, a glass of vibrant rosé is the ideal companion. One of the best parts about a glass of rosé is that it comes in various forms. If you are craving something sweet, seductive, or packed with bubbles, there’s a rosé for that!

At Sweet Wine Club, we have a bottle of rosé ready to match any mood you may be in. Shop your favorite rosé on our website, or join America’s #1 Sweet Wine Club today and receive our 2023 Spring Box delivered straight to your door.