What We’re Drinking In 2023

As we welcomed the New Year into our embrace, we have begun to embark on new trends in the wine industry that are bound to take 2023 by storm. 

As much as we can try to predict which wine trends will emerge victorious in the New Year, there is one thing we are absolutely certain of: What we’re drinking. 

Whether you are looking to expand your tastings into a new horizon (or vineyard), want to change up your usual go-to with something out of the ordinary, or are interested in learning more about the world of wine, we have a few favorites to share with you. 

Grab your pen and paper and get ready to write these down, because trust us, they are just as good as they sound! 

  1. Rich Prosecco: Stella Rosa® Gold V.S. Prosecco 

Start the 2023 year off in the company of a wine you will never forget. The Stella Rosa Gold V.S Prosecco will exceed all of your expectations when it comes to Prosecco, and will no doubt become your new favorite with each and every sip. 

The secret to its seductive and smooth taste? A special blend of Glera grapes are aged in oak for three months, before they begin to ferment and yield a rich, more elegant taste. 

We know we’ll be keeping a bottle of Stella Rosa Gold V.S Prosecco on us the next time we are celebrating big (such as when you join our club!). 

  1. Floral: Stella Rosa Cranberry 

Summer, spring, winter, or fall, all you need is Stella Rosa Cranberry to have it all. Versatile in nature, Stella Rosa Cranberry is the fan-favorite you can enjoy any time of the year. 

Making a splash in our Winter Box, Stella Rosa Cranberry is made from aromatic grapes harvested in Piedmont. Infused with natural cranberry flavors, its fruity and floral profile makes for a sweet-and-sour aftertaste bound to take you by surprise with each sip. 

If you’re planning on ramping up your hosting in 2023, consider adding a bottle of Stella Rosa Cranberry to the mix. This refreshing option is the perfect complement to fresh fruit, cheese, spicy cuisine and any sweet dessert of your choice! 

  1. Red: San Antonio® Specialty, Cardinale

For all of the red-wine lovers out there, don’t think we forgot about you! The San Antonio Specialty Cardinale is the burst of red-wine delight we are adding to our cart all 2023. Specially crafted by the Riboli family, this refreshing and juicy dark red wine is a sipping experience in itself. 

If you’re used to serving and sipping your red wines at room temperature, consider expanding your horizons this New Year and experience San Antonio Specialty Cardinale chilled for the best experience. 

  1. White: Stella Rosa® Platinum French Vanilla

We’re ready to level up our white-wine experience with Stella Rosa Platinum French Vanilla all 2023 long! This semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Luxury collection wine is one for the books, and will have your guests crossing their fingers hoping it’ll be served at the next gathering. 

With an aromatic nature comprised of crisp green apple, vanilla, and fragrant elderflower, the Stella Rosa Platinum French Vanilla is ready to elevate your wine experiences to the next level. 

We are ready to unwind after a long day at work with shrimp fajitas on the grill, and a glass of Stella Rosa Platinum French Vanilla in our hand. Are you with us?

  1. Fruity: Juicy Sparkle Blueberry

If Italian Prosecco was your go-to drink in 2022, consider switching things up with this unpretentious spin on Prosecco, also known as Juicy Sparkle Blueberry. Made with real blueberries, the Juicy Sparkle Blueberry is a semi-sweet, full-sparkling wine packed with flavor from sip to swallow. 

Not only does it feature an electric blue color, but this beverage can be enjoyed on its own or as a staple in your favorite cocktail. What more could you ask for?

We’ll be adding Juicy Sparkle Blueberry to our backyard pool parties all summer long, and we encourage you to join us! 

  1. Dessert: Chocolate Bar Chocolate Port

Dessert wines are the true treat of any gathering, and we are ready to level up our hosting game in 2023 with the Chocolate Bar Chocolate Port. Featuring a subtle hint of chocolate with each sip, the Chocolate Bar Chocolate Port is a decadent wine that is just as delicious as it is uncommonly fun! 

Sweeten the mood of your next gathering or add it to your late-night snack menu after a long day at work, and let the smooth chocolate taste and sweet aroma do the talking. 

Add Sweet Wine Club to Your 2023 Favorites Today 

If you’re looking for a sweet or savory wine to call your favorite in the New Year, consider Sweet Wine Club your go-to club. 

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