Top Rated Best Wine Clubs and Subscription Boxes

We all want to access our favorite wines conveniently. Fortunately, there are many wine subscription services that offer excellent services. Don’t you just love this amazing concept?

Consequently, It’s becoming difficult nowadays to identify which wine subscription service has the best wine clubs with so many flooding the Internet. Before you analyze these services, you need to understand your taste profile meeting the needs of your palate. As every wine subscription is trying really hard to satisfy their clients and achieving perfection for everyone is hard. Therefore, don’t baffle yourself up that you made the wrong choice. This article will help you find that awesome wine subscription that meets your monthly booze needs.

What would we do without technology? Thanks to it, you can now research online to find out old and new wine flavors offered by different wine subscriptions and you can pick your best choice.

Now that you have an idea what to do when you thirst for wine calls, I will give you a list of the best wine subscription box this month that is worth your while. I will also analyze all the aspects that make them stand out from the crowd.

1.  Sweet Wine Club

First, we have the Sweet Wine Club favoring the sweet tooth. It’s hard to find a wine club that offers both fine and best sweet wines. Fortunately, this one does. Their wines have been carefully hand-selected by experts from San Antonio Winery, to ensure you get the best wine experience rich with mellow and luscious flavors. The price is $49.99/month per shipment. Signing up will get you a box of three exclusive bottles including Stella Rosa Rose, Stella Rosa Royale Rosso, and BlueJam – Hand-selected Sweetwines by their winemakers. You will also get food pairing suggestions and other fun gifts.


  • FREE Shipping
  • Members enjoy Sweet Wine Club Cash for future purchases.
  • Reward for referrals
  • Exclusive discounts for members purchasing sweet wines from San Antonio Winery online store.
  • Cancel Anytime

2. Winc (Formerly known as Club W)

Winc is popular for its elegance and sophistication in packaging and bottle presentation. It offers the best services for wine drinkers. It’s a pioneer in the world of personalized wine subscription. Being an older player, Winc has quite a variety of wine selection under its belt. Think of it as the digitized version of your favorite wine store, having over 100 styles collected from different vineyards worldwide. It doesn’t charge for membership and a bottle starts at  $13.


  • 4 or more boxes will receive the complimentary shipping
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No charges for skipped months
  • No short or long-term commitments
  • A detailed description of your wine choice
  • Offers pairing suggestions on the website.

3. California Wine Club

This is one of California’s finest wine subscription services. The company began its wine operations in 1990 by a couple who wanted to share subtle wine flavors offered by small scale wineries who couldn’t make it in the mainstream market. They can comfortably say that they have accomplished that, with their majority of membership subscribing for over seven years. Membership starts at $40.45 per month, shipping additional.

As a subscriber, you can enjoy 5 levels of wine clubs. These include Premium, Signature, International, Aged Cabernet, and Pacific Northwest. Each package has a selection of wines from artisan wineries of California ranging from classic handcrafted wines to prestigious wines.


  • Love It Guarantee
  • Ambassador Referral Program
  • No hidden fees
  • You can cancel anytime

4. Plonk Wine Club

What fascinates me about Plonk Wine Club is its biodynamic wines that come from every corner of the world. This majestic wine club features a monthly shipment of natural wines grown using organic methods. They don’t tolerate pesticides or commercial additives, just real authentic wine made by passionate farmers. For $49.99 per month, you’ll get two bottles plus free shipping. All you have to do is provide your wine preferences, number of bottles, and frequency so that shipment is catered for.


  • Free Shipping
  • Biodynamic and Organic Wines
  • Customized Shipments

5. Vinebox

For high-quality wine in small portions, Vinebox is what you need. What is unique about this online wine club is they offer you a chance to taste the wine before buying. They will first send you a 10 centiliter in a vile, enough to help you discover what is or not tantalizing your tongue before committing yourself. For $25/month you will get 3 glasses. They will give you a short quiz where they will deliver three glasses of wine to be sampled.


  • Smaller portions
  • Lower cost
  • Share and Save program
  • Happiness Guarantee

6. Cellars Wine Club

From Seattle soil of Washington, Cellars Wine Club was founded in 1999 and it caters to boutique wine lovers. It has one of the best website stores for its stylish and intuitive looks. A single bottle goes for $29, while double start at $42 with free shipping on all orders. They let you choose from 14 club options, from premium to the connoisseur’s case club that features 12 bottles from prominent regions.


  • Free shipping,
  • “No Bad Bottle” Guarantee
  • You can cancel anytime
  • Easy to navigate website

7. Wine of the Month Club

This wine club goes back to 1972 and it delights its clients with its curated wine shipments. Wine of the Month Club’s classy array shipments includes Mystery, Bordeaux, Napa, and Vinter series wine clubs. Their ideas are developed from monthly deliveries. As a commentary gesture, they also offer frequent appreciation dinners in several cities down south United States. The starting price for membership is $23.96 a month. All you need to do is select the amount and series you want in red, white or both. Furthermore, brace yourself to a bottle of vintage wine with a newsletter that gives you all the information about wine and its recipes.


  • You never pay for a bottle you don’t like
  • You can cancel anytime
  • No membership fees

8. Bright Cellars

For those who want to discover the world of wine, this wine club offers you an awesome experience. They rely on algorithms to get you your favorite bottle. This means the longer you subscribe the better they know about your taste. The remarkable thing about this club is that it was founded by two MIT graduates. Despite being started in 2015, it has made quite a name for itself. You’ll part with $60 a month to get 4 bottles of wine including shipping.


  • No Commitment
  • No Membership fees
  • Referral Program
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

9. First Leaf

This is another magnificent club that uses a rather peculiar approach in delivering quality wine to its members. It seeks to find conclude your favorite wine by asking for your review so can incorporate improvements. They have a wide selection of different flavored wines including red, white, and sparkling wine. You will definitely get what your taste buds crave for. The price is also friendly for their members starting at  $15 for 3 wines for the first delivery. However, a shipping fee of $4.95 will apply.


  • Firstleaf negotiates with the wineries directly, hence no middlemen to inflate prices.

10. Blue Apron Wine Club

This wine club started as a farm to table food delivery and evolved to include wine on their menu. Blue Apron wine club has its own winery license, so cutting out middlemen. Food being their expertise, they offer you superb wine pairing suggestions and flavor profile to help you make an informative decision. $65.99 is the monthly price plus shipping. Hand over your selection of red, white or both and six bottles of 500 mL wine bottles will be sent to you.


  • You can skip or Cancel Anytime
  • Bottle size perfect for two people to share.


I hope this article has given you enough insights into the best wine clubs to consider when you want to subscribe. If you are a wine enthusiast or you want to join a wine club, undergo extensive taste research to arrive at your desires.